Summer Reading 2014

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Stop by the bookmobile for Crafts and Fun. Readers of all ages are invited to join. Register starting the third week of June and complete your reading record by last week in August.

Youth Summer Reading Program. Children 15 and under, may set their own reading goals (suggested goal: ten books or ten hours). The Summer Reading Program allows children to earn a small prize and a free pass to the Madison Mallards, Eugster’s Farm Market, Dane County Fair, Schuster’s Farm and a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut.

Adult Summer Reading Program. Readers of all other ages are invited to read fiction and beyond this summer. Complete a reading slip each week (a novel? a cookbook? poetry? a magazine? travel book?) and enter to win a $30 Amazon gift card. Each week? Yes, each week!


ZooZort - Special Events

Noelle Tarrant of ZOOZORT brings live animals from different parts of the world for a hands-on interactive program. Children will learn about natural animal behavior emphasizing habitat, nutrition, conservation and appreciation, sparking an interest that will last a lifetime.

Zoozort will be visiting the Bookmobile. Check with your bookmobile librarian for more information.

Picture of Noelle Tarrant with animal

Special Thanks to Our Summer Reading Sponsors!

Herb Kohl Foundation
Sub-Zero Foundation
Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream Foundation
Pizza Hut, The Madison Mallards
Eugster’s Farm Market, Dane County Fair, Schuster's Farm


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Bookmobile Schedule



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Questions? Please call (608) 266-9297 weekdays, 8:00am - 4:00pm or email